Can The Country Afford Mike Huckabee as President?

Literally! Can the United States afford Mike Huckabee as President?

Mike Huckabee, breaking with traditional presidential campaign etiquette, is charging a fee for his speeches. But he will give a church a break on his customary fee of $25,000. Huckabee defended his continued m├ętier, “if I don’t work, I don’t eat.” He is performing 2-3 paid speeches per month. He has unabashedly stated that he would like to do more since this is the only income he has.


Hillary Clinton’s Risky Iowa Strategy

Oscar de la Hoya vs. Felix Trinidad. A world championship boxing match. Oscar de la Hoya dominated the fight up until the final few rounds at which point he had enough points to secure the win if he continued to fight with the same aggressiveness that had secured his dominance throughout the bout. His corner, believing the fight was in the bag and not wanting to take any chances, advised Oscar to dance around the final few rounds and avoid engaging Trinidad. While Oscar refused to fight, Trinidad fought. He continued to score points while Oscar avoided engagement. Trinidad won the fight. Moral: If you have a winning game plan, stick with it until the end. Many a contest has been lost by the changing of momentum.


Welfare Ain’t What It Used To Be






Sharon Jasper has been victimized. Sharon Jasper has been rabidly wronged. She has become a Section 8 carcass, the victim of ever changing public housing policies.


Al Sharpton Seeks Don Imus’ Forgiveness

The FBI and IRS raided Al Sharpton’s office this past week. The raid is the result of a secretly taped recording by FBI in 2003 between Al Sharpton and a Philadelphia fundraiser. Sharpton was recorded offering to help the fundraiser win a multi-million dollar deal if the fundraiser would reciprocate by procuring political contributions for Sharpton. Sharpton asked for $50,000 and they eventually settled on $25,000. Sharpton sealed the deal with the words, “cool.” A multitude of subpoenas subsequently followed.

Sharpton, a racist aficionado, is being investigated for tax fraud and campaign finance violations.

Sharpton has vehemently denied any malfeasance of the office of President of African-America.


Pakistan, United States Covert Trade Agreement Collapses

Medea Benjamin and Tighe Barry, Code Pink malcontents, were arrested at gunpoint and detained this past week. Even though there was nothing out of the ordinary with their method of operation of disrupting the government while believing their antics will further the cause of their domestic terrorist organization–they have gone from a domestic terrorist organization to an international organization by demonstrating their inanity in Pakistan.

Pakistan police arrested the pink pair in Lahore, Pakistan while they were protesting martial law in Pakistan and the dismissal of Supreme Court judges.


Mike Huckabee, the Ten Commandments and the Constitution

Mike Huckabee is, without doubt, one of the more honorable candidates running for the 2008 presidential election. He appears to be a very principled man. He has very strong religious convictions and, when asked, will unabashedly tell you about them and elaborate without first consulting a focus group or seeking council from the latest poll regardless of how it may effect his candidacy. That is honorable and refreshing compared to other candidates who have become puppets on strings being manipulated by focus groups and polling numbers.