The Emperors Have No Clothes: The Democrats and Strip Poker

The two remaining Republican presidential candidates, Mike Huckabee and John McCain, and the two remaining Democrat presidential candidates, Barack Obama and Hillary Clinton, at this stage of the nominating process can be viewed as allegorical card games. Huckabee and McCain are playing Old Maid. Clinton and Obama are playing a malodorously public game of strip poker.


Presidential Spouses

A candidate’s spouse cannot ensure an election win, but they can certainly ensure a loss.

Presidential spouses generally fall into two categories: The elected official by proxy, i.e. Hillary Clinton national policy maker, and the demurely, staid and proper role of the First Lady. Not to disparage the non-policy making spouses, but they did not campaign, were not elected, and continued their preceding roles within their families along with the customary duties of First Lady with dignity.


John McCain And What to Expect Going Forward

John McCain is the mathematical favorite to get the Republican presidential nomination after Super Tuesday. McCain reigns in this new position of hierarchy due to several factors exclusive of the Republican conservative vote.

Two factors played a significant role in McCain’s ascension to probable nominee. His position is a product of the apocryphal liberal main stream media’s calculated adoration of him and a systematically undemocratic nominating process.


The Economy Is Already Benefiting From Bush’s Stimulus Package: Mexico’s Economy, That Is

Congress is set to finalize the stimulus package that President Bush has proposed to help stimulate the U.S. economy. Checks hopefully will start going out around May. The stimulus package is a reaction to the sub-prime market meltdown and various indicators that are effecting the nation’s economy and the recently lagging stock market.

The proposed plan, in its current form is worth $193 billion. If a social security number holder makes $75,000 or less they will receive a $600 rebate and joint-filling married couples who make $150,000 or less will receive a $1,200 rebate. If a social security number holder falls within the categories above and has children, they will receive an additional $300 per child under 17 years of age.


The John McCain Package

Now that the front runners for the Democrat and Republican presidential candidates have surfaced, it is time, belatedly for most voters, to scrutinize their qualifications of being the Commander-in-Chief. In a responsible environment, this action would have been discharged before casting the first caucus ballot.

Political pundits that rebuke voters and the media for not delving into the issues of the candidates in the stead of focusing on the person, their race, their gender or their religion–is, at best, sophomoric political counsel. Before casting a vote for a candidate, especially for the office of the President, one should do at the very least a perfunctory political due diligence of the candidates contemplated.