EPA Condemns Rev. Jeremiah Wright

Where is Rev. Jeremiah Wright? After a three day aggressive press junket to disparage Obama, he has apparently slipped into oblivion since becoming persona non grata in the Obama camp for maligning his protégé , Barack Obama, this past weekend.

The following article appeared in a local Dallas, Texas newspaper Tuesday morning.


Why Gas Prices Are So High

Those wacky Democrats are at it again, God bless ’em.

I read the following article in the TheHill this past Friday. For the ill-informed, it may appear as a satirical news piece, but rest assured it’s true.


A Short History of Racism: The Michelle Obama Story

Racism has been a part of American culture since the country’s inception.

I will take the reader through a sequential, yet abbreviated, view of racism, and the systematic process and legislation passed to eliminate it. It will be viewed through a prism of objectivity– as opposed to subjective balderdash–from the Emancipation Proclamation through 1965. After 1965, the path takes a subjective turn and the reader can follow the macabre journey of Michelle Obama as she fights a daily battle against racism, unlike any seen since the Jim Crow era, to complete her education. And how she was able to overcome suffocating oppression and emerge as a well rounded American patriot, who stands proud, and thanks her country everyday for the opportunity it gave her.


Barack Obama and the Audacity of Arrogance

Three hundred million people in the United States of America and the best the Democrat Party could produce is Hillary Clinton and Barack Obama for president. One is a conspicuously pathological misstater, the other an arrogant, elitist Marxist–completely void of any discernible rationalization, nor pedigree, for such a disposition. The Republican Party, on the other hand, did produce far better conservative choices than John McCain, but a less than democratic nominating system, for either party, resulted in the early demise of more promising candidacies.


The Dichotomy of Maya Angeloua

Maya Angelou turns 80 years old today, April 4th, 2008.

Maya Angelou was sexually abused at the age of 7, a mother at 16, a Creole cook, the first Black female San Francisco cable car conductor, a cocktail waitress, a professional dancer, a drug addict, a madam for lesbian prostitutes, dabbled in prostitution, a successful singer, an actress, a playwright, edited an English-language magazine in Egypt, a university lecturer, a civil rights activist, an author and poet. She has either won, or been nominated for every conceivable award to be had from singing, acting, and writing.


Hillary Clinton Hospitalized

Hillary Clinton was hospitalized this morning apparently suffering from post traumatic stress disorder.