The Democrat Convention–Where’s the Bump

There was an anticipated 10 percent bounce in Barack Obama’s poll numbers after the announcement of his vice-presidential candidate, and the ensuing convention of the Democrats. Obama’s poll numbers actually dropped, and McCain took over the lead, still within the margin of error, but still no bump for Obama. Then a +1 bump after Bill and Hillary’s speeches, but still within the margin of error, according to the Rasmussen Reports. There is still the possibility of an upward movement in the polls for Obama after the close of the convention.

So what happened?


Famous Quotes by Joe Biden

Joe Biden is one of the more cerebral members of the Senate, yet one of the most unjustly maligned members. His honor and intelligence have been degraded, with prejudice. Joe has amassed a library of personal quotes and speeches during his tenure as a U.S. Senator. He has been the unsullied victim of vituperation dating back to his days at university.


John McCain Overwhelms Barack Obama at Saddleback

Barack Obama and John McCain sat down with Rick Warren, Pastor of the Saddleback Church, for a one on one question based forum. This was an organized attempt for Obama to embezzle a portion of evangelical votes from the conservatives–which would lead one to ask: What exactly is an evangelical?


Barack Obama Fumbles His 3:00 am Call on Russia

There are friends and then there are acquaintances. A friend is an attachment of mutual affection, support, and can be counted on in trying times. An acquaintance does not have the attachment of emotions, but an affiliation of knowledge of each other, and perhaps a symbiotic relationship supported solely by the each party benefiting. Russia, contrary to what Bush believes, is not America’s friend. Never has been, and probably never will be.


Barack Obama: Oil Whisperer


Barack Obama unveiled his solution to the nation’s rapidly emerging energy crisis during a speech last week to potential voters and future energy savers in Missouri. A very simple revelation to solving the energy crisis, according to Obama, is: