Thanksgiving Day, George Washington, America, and God

For all the naysayers, separation of Church and State nincompoops, and to all who do not believe this country was founded on Christian principles. To those who believe that Christianity was intended to be separated from the government of these United States. I present to you George Washington’s Thanksgiving Proclamation. You know George Washington, one of the founders of this country, the Christian, the first leader of this country–the God and country man.


Barack Obama and the Willing Suspension of Disbelief

I wrote an article after the election about President-elect Obama, appealing to civility that he be given a clean slate to work with from November 4th forward. That lasted less than 72 hours with his announcement of Rahm Emanuel as Chief of Staff (in violation of change); making a cryptic joke about Nancy Reagan during a press conference that made Obama look very presidential, indeed; and his nuanced vote of present in addressing the economy during the same press conference. With anticipation from the markets of his announcing a Treasury Secretary or even suggesting he would not increase taxes immediately–the markets crashed. With that said, the slate is soiled and the gloves should be removed, post haste.


Ten Step Program to Fix Congress

Suppose you were an idiot. And suppose you were a member of Congress. But I repeat myself.
Mark Twain

America. The country where anyone can be what they aspire to be. A perfectly good example is Congressional Individual Nancy Pelosi–or Speaker of the House Pelosi. Here is a divine woman who has overcome the most debilitating obstacles to become the first woman Speaker of the House. Speaker Pelosi is afflicted with not one, but two, infirmities that would generally preclude one with her afflictions from even considering a run for office, much less the coveted Speaker of the House. Speaker Pelosi suffers from Cerebral Deficiency Syndrome (CDS), which actually affects many members of Congress, but not to the magnitude of her debilitation. In layman’s terms, her cognitive capacity is that of a salamander. But she has overcome and rose the the rank of Speaker of the House of Representatives. Her second affliction is being devoid of even a basal set of morals–she also suffers from Moral Deficiency Syndrome (MDS). As do most members of Congress, and again not to the extent of her suffering. Harry Reid, leader of the Senate, suffers from both CDS and MDS, at almost the same level as Pelosi. The Center for Disease Control is reporting that there may have been a pandemic of CDS and MDS on November 4th, but that is another story for another time.


Barack Obama: President of the United States

I have been powerfully inclined to, for lack of a better word, wax prophetically about the impending doom of an Obama administration. But after considering which of his policies would be the most expediently destructive, and being further educated by conservative political pundits on the impending Armageddon, I suddenly realized which policies would be the most devastating. None of them. There are no policies, only educated conjecture of what could, might, probably, and surely will take place. To compound the adumbrated doom from conservatives, the lack of civility towards Obama from conservatives is starting to rival the putrid dialog of the left. With that said I will show a measure of restraint and civility that should be the bulwark of conservatism.


Now I Feel Stupid For Voting For McCain

Why wasn’t I informed about this gasoline and mortgage perk if I voted for Obama? If he wins, can I still apply? I really feel stupid for missing this.


Obama Will Raise Your Electrical Bill to $29,000 per Month on Average

If you have not, on this election eve, and are the elusive independent voter, made up your mind who you are voting for, remember this before you cast your ballot tomorrow: as you stop at the fueling station tomorrow on your journey to your place of polling, and before the smile of a thrifty petrol induced euphoria exits your face, do some economical soul searching.