Feingold’s Foolish Amendment to the 17th Amendment

Every two years voters go to the polls to vote for their member of Congress. They vote for either a member of the House or a member of the Senate. A House member runs every two years; a member of the Senate runs every six years. This is what voters are accustomed to, and what they-by and large-assume is the way the system has always functioned. They are wrong. Voters were never intended to vote directly for their state’s senator, and for good reason.


Nancy Pelosi explains how $355 Million for STD Prevention Stimulates the Economy

Absolutely no words to describe this illiteracy.


The Democrat Wasteland

Breaching the boundaries of the old adage, “A Picture is Worth a Thousand Words”, the subsequent picture, or photograph for the purists, presents to the active mind much more than a thousand words. The picture does not depict the aftermath of a tornado, hurricane, industrial accident, etcetera, but is the aftermath of a willful man-made disaster; This destruction is what one could reasonably expect when 1.5 million Democrats, global warming fanatics, “green” fanatics, Mother Earth disciples, and militant recyclers, congregate en masse. This is the state liberals left Washington, D.C. in after the divine ascension of Barack Obama to the throne.


Obama’s First Week a Smashing Success

Obama’s first week in office was a surprising success. But, one man’s success is another man’s failure, when using ideology as the benchmark. An ideology detached from this country’s foundational core is what won this week. Obama won, but The Founding Fathers’ America lost.


Barack Obama Starts Day One as the Healer and Uniter He Promised

Obama, during his campaign, wanted all who would believe him, to be convinced that he was the Great Uniter, the Last Bastion of Hope, and the world’s only Legitimate Change Agent. Hope and Change was his mantra. Hope for what and change from what was never explained. Obama’s dubious achievements as a lawmaker were divisive at best.


The Irony of Obama’s Obsession with being Compared to Lincoln

“You and we are different races. We have between us a broader difference than exists between almost any other two races. Even when you cease to be slaves, you are yet far removed from being placed on an equality with the white race. You are cut off from many of the advantages which the other race enjoys. It is better for us both to be separated.“-Abraham Lincoln, during a meeting with free Negro leaders, at the White House, August, 1862


Bernard Madoff’s $50 Billion Ponzi Scheme Saves Lives

The phrase from John Milton’s Comus,“Was I deceiv’d, or did a sable cloud/ Turn forth her silver lining on the night,?” has evolved into an oft used American idiom: “Every cloud has a silver lining.” This phrase is used to assuage the trauma of one who is on the receiving end of a tragedy. Rarely does this phrase bestow emotional easement, yet there is always a silver lining from a tragedy if sought.


The Curious Case of Barack Obama and his One Degree of Separation from Pay for Play

There is a trivia game called Six Degrees of Kevin Bacon. The premise is that any actor can be connected through their film roles to Kevin Bacon by six degrees or less. Example: Connect Kevin Bacon to Marilyn Manson–Marilyn Manson was in JawBreakers with Rose McGowan; Rose McGowan was in Scream with Neve Campbell; Neve Campbell was in Wild Things with Kevin Bacon. The idea to the game is to connect in as few degrees as possible. To create a board game of degrees starring Barack Obama, the premise would have to be reversed. The challenge would be to try and find more than one degree of separation between Barack Obama and the current crop of pay for play politicians.


Atheists File Another Inauguration Lawsuit Against God

An assortment of atheists and atheists’ groups have filed yet another lawsuit to break the tradition of the inauguration prayer dating back to the swearing in of George Washington. This year they are targeting President-elect Obama’s inauguration. This is not the first time they have wasted the court’s resources. It was last tried in Bush’s 2005 inauguration by Michael Newdow. Newdow has tried relentlessly to have “Under God” removed from the Pledge of Allegiance.