Are You Responsible for the Violence in Mexico?

It now appears that, according to political wisdom, the following have had their status as victims modified to co-criminals: Rape victims share co-responsibility with their attackers for being desirous to their attackers; robbery victims share co-responsibility for possessing something worth taking; murder victims share co-responsibility for giving their killers cause to snuff them out; and all of Bernie Madoff’s bilked investors are co-criminals for having the audacity of handing over their money to him in the first place.  The above victims’ statuses have been revised to be in alignment with our new Democrat-styled foreign policy. We (me and you), and the United States of America are responsible for Mexico’s violence, according to the Obama administration’s Secretary of State, Hillary Clinton.


If Only a U.S. Congressman Would Say this Directly to Obama

This is an essential video to watch of Daniel Hannan publicly admonishing Gordon Brown. While watching the video, if not for his reference to Gordon Brown, one would think he was talking directly about Barack Obama and his policies. Please note that he is not using a teleprompter.