John Conyers Encapsulates All That is Wrong with Our Government

John Conyers and his wife Monica Conyers are the epitome of the corruption and ignorance that infects our Congress. Everything, and I mean everything, that is wrong with our government, especially Congress, can be manifestly condensed and summed up by this one congressman, his one statement, and his politician wife.


Sonia Sotomayor, the Founding Fathers, and Hidden Treasures

The plot:

Benjamin Franklin Gates, was a descendant of a family of treasure seekers, who sought one treasure, and one treasure only–the Brobdingnagian treasure hidden by the Founding Fathers shortly after the Revolutionary War. The Gate’s family was made aware of the treasure by their ancestor, Thomas Gates, who was a stable boy for President Jackson. Charles Carroll, the last surviving signer of the Declaration of Independence, unable to pass the information about the treasure to Jackson, was left with the only option available to him at the time: to pass the information to the stable boy, Thomas Gates. The plot involves characters such as pharaohs, emperors, the Knights Templar, George Washington and Benjamin Franklin. Clues to the location of the treasures are hidden in the most elaborate and clandestine places with the most intellectually defying cryptic clues imaginable. Each clue leads to another clue, then another, and etcetera. This is, of course, not real; it is the plot line from the movie National Treasure, starring Nicholas Cage as Benjamin Franklin Gates, and is just a fantastical cinematic adventure, (or so I thought).


Seven Series of Questions for Judge Sotomayor

The Constitution of these United States holds different meanings for different people:

Conservatives/Federalists believe that this federated group of states, governed by a representative government with the Constitution as the foundation and the rule of law as the bedrock that keeps this country from spiraling into the abyss that has historically plagued other forms of government.


Are the Eight Republicans Who Voted for Cap and Trade Traitors?

“Cap and traitors.” “Traitors.” “Treasonous.” “Turncoats.” “RINOs.” Adjectives abound in describing the eight Republicans who voted for the Waxman-Markey cap and trade bill; the bill passed the House by a razor thin 219-212 vote–a seven vote margin. But is it fair to label them as traitors? Do these eight, who made the passage possible, fit the definition of traitors?