How the Financial Markets Work for Dummies

How the financial markets work explained in a way that anyone can understand.


Obama to Merge Cash-for-Clunkers and Medicare

It is every American’s patriotic duty, if they are over the age of 65, an active exploiter of Medicare or any other government services, and not contributing retribution, to plan for their departure from American society. If you are over 65, a burden, you should feel duty bound. Now which of you folks here feels patriotic, raise your handBarack Obama


Does Obama Need to Appoint a History Czar?

Stupidly. If “stupidly” were an industry, the Obama administration and the Democrat Party leaders in Congress would be in violation of the Sherman Antitrust Act. It is apparent, in the past six months, that Obama and Congress are in league to acquire a monopolistic consortium on “stupidly.” Obama and the Democrat Congress have validated, with absolute certainty, that they have, in tandem, stupidly interpreted the Constitution and possess a stupidly unsophisticated aptitude for economics; Obama continues to brandish his nugatory knowledge of history.