The Reasons Democrats Write Unconstitutional Laws

There are two distinct methods the Democrats have used to write unconstitutional laws. The first is through malice. This method has been employed since FDR by the continuous chipping away with the uncontested usurping of the document by a political sect that harbors a stalwart disdain and insolent disposition regarding the Constitution, its limited constraints on the federal government, and by proxy, the Founding Fathers. Currently Barack Obama and his acolytes in Congress have elevated this method to FDR wholesale levels.


The Making of Sausage and the Democratic Health Care Bill

Otto von Bismarck, the Prime Minister of Prussia from 1862-1890, made a remarkable statement regarding the process of making of laws that is oft quoted by contemporary politicians to mask their inadequacies and philistinism: Laws are like sausages, it is better not to see them being made. But Democrats, being what Democrats are, could surmise their methodology of lawmaking with the following updated and apropos quote:  Laws are like excrement, it is better not to see them being made, nor admire the result.


Ronald Reagan vs. Barack Obama: The Movie

A startling difference between two presidents, who speak of two sets of ideas for prosperity, demonstrate two classes of character, and explain the blueprint why one succeeded, and one is failing, miserably.