The Left has Gone Maniacally Hysterical over Texas Teaching Authentic American History

The Leftists of this country are gnashing their teeth and writhing in spasms of ignorance over the proposed revising of the Texas social studies curriculum. They are dumbfounded that Texas has decided to dispose of the Left’s propagandized version of American history. The new social studies curriculum is by no means perfect, but is far closer to the authentic history of this nation than the decades of counterfactual didactic teachings were.


Why George Bush, Barack Obama, and the United States Did Not, Cannot, and Will Not Win the War on Terror


The United States has spent trillions of dollars fighting it, expending thousands of lives, yet has never had a strategery to defeat it, eradicate it, or cause it to surrender. Why? Because it does not exist. Terrorism, or that ridiculous appellation assigned to it by the intellectually clumsy Obama administration, man-made disaster, or whatever one chooses to call it, does not exist, has never existed, and will never exist as an entity. This point I have expounded upon myriad times: terrorism is a tactic, not an enemy. Bombing is a tactic, not an enemy. Kamikaze pilots were tactics, not enemies. Suicide bombing is a tactic, not an enemy.


Why do Democrats Plan on Euthanizing between 180,000 and 405,000 Americans?

A Harvard study revealed that 45,000 Americans die each year because they do not have health insurance. “Having no health insurance means an early death to almost 45,000 people in the United States annually – almost two-and-a-half times the number previously estimated,” according to a study published in the American Journal of Public Health.