The Final Word on Julian Assange, WikiLeaks, the 1st Amendment, and Journalism

Ever since Julian Assange consummated his pathological compulsion for recognition and notoriety by releasing stolen classified documents via WikiLeaks, and his subsequent arrest, journalists have mobilized en masse to defend Assange and his conduit to pandemonium and criminality, WikiLeaks. Statistically speaking, the modes, or the four most prevalent of the various defenses used to defend Assange and WikiLeaks, are as follows:


No, WikiLeaks and Julian Assange Do Not Have 1st Amendment Protection of Freedom of Speech

Julian Assange is the proprietor, creator, and engineer of WikiLeaks, the incorporeal mechanism for disseminating stolen classified cables, documents, and videos owned by the United States government. Assange is not a journalist, he does not have a story, he does not write commentary, he does not supplement his pilfered images and videos with context; Assange is a computer hacker, thief, nomad, blackmailer, and a world-class nihilist devoid of allegiance to a country. He is an anthropological malignancy.


In Defense of Hillary Clinton Against the WikiLeaks, and Why She Should Resign

Three may keep a secret, if two of them are dead–Benjamin Franklin

In the days following the WikiLeaks release of illicitly appropriated documents from the State Department, Hillary Clinton, who is portrayed in the documents as the antagonist of righteousness, has been subjected to a plethora of calls to resign. Julian Assange, proprietor of the malignant WikiLeaks, is leading the charge for her resignation. Assange said to Time Magazine, “It’s very important to remember the law is not what, not simply what, powerful people would want others to believe it is. The law is not what a general says it is. The law is not what Hillary Clinton says it is. She should resign.”