An An Open Letter to Wisconsin Governor Scott Walker and the Republicans

I received the following dispatch from the Internet via e-mail from a harried Wisconsin Middle-School teacher beseeching me to assist in getting his message to the powers that be in Wisconsin, as he is certain that his letter will be compelling and complicit in altering Governor Walker and the Republicans’ decision to destroy their God given right of union representation in all facets of their jobs. He felt it would be better if he was able to electronically smuggle his message out of Wisconsin for security reasons. Using his keen skills of discernment, and after perusing my contemplations, Mr. Duda was compelled to approach me as a Brother in Arms. Mr. Duda’s advancement of his right to not be forced to pay for his retirement and insurance, and to be heard by Governor Walker personally, has been as stagnant as his quest for his doctorate in English by bypassing his master’s degree. I responded to his request with haste, as I am certain that Governor Walker and the Republicans will have read and discussed my presentation before the morrow.


Barack Obama Explained

Why the Founding Fathers would not like the Tea Party: A Teachable Moment by Bill Maher

Bill Maher, one of myriad commissioned nincompoop delegates of the Left, and a poor man’s Maxine Waters, expressed the plenary sentiments of the Left last week regarding the Left’s theoretical relationship between the Founding Fathers and the constitutionally inclined Tea Party: