The Department of Justice Cleared of Racial Discrimination by the Department of Justice

I knew it the moment I saw the video on November 4, 2008. Election day. It was reminiscent of the Jim Crow laws: blacks trying to peacefully exercise their ability to vote, and whites suddenly breaching the exclusive polling places of black voters.


Three Highly Esteemed Constitutional Experts Declare Obama’s Military Attack on Libya Unconstitutional

Oh, the times they are a-changin’.

Seems like just yesterday that when one nation aggressively amasses eleven U.S. naval ships, which include three submarines, two destroyers, and various sundries of amphibious and supply ships, in another nation’s sea, starts launching missiles, rockets, and whatnot at said country, dispatches fighter jets on bombing missions around said country–especially the leader of said country’s personal compound–receives return fire that downs a dispatched fighter jet, this was called a war.