Debbie Wasserman Schultz and the Curious Case of Evolution

According to scientists, about 4 billion years ago, a soupy mixture of non-living protein based enzymes spontaneously and miraculously sprang into a form of life known as prokaryotes. From this soupy goop, man did come, evolving first into a monkeyish form with an affinity for climbing trees, scavenging for food, and busy racing to the top of the food chain. Fast forward a couple of billion years to the current state of American politics, and the argument that man is speeding down the highway of de-evolution possesses more credibility than it does kookiness.


Eric Holder’s New Book: Protecting Your Prevarications from Peril

The bearing of new laws, new resolutions, new beginnings, and fresh starts are paramount to start a new year; 2012 is no exception. Eric Holder welcomed the new year by submitting a manuscript for a book he penned over the Christmas holidays. I was able to obtain a draft of the preface of a self-help book from Harlequin Publishers that he submitted for publication.

The draft: