Another Week, another Throng of Lies by Barack Obama

Barack Obama catered another all you can eat buffet of distortions topped with homegrown lies this past week. The question is: To whom is he lying? Who could possibly be left to listen? What character flaw would allow anyone to continue to listen, much less accept? What could possibly be sustaining this regime’s core of chicanery built upon a sententious cycle of deceit and prevarication by Barack Obama? Another week in the books for Obama, another series of questions from the peanut gallery.

Friday, June 5th, The Bureau of Labor Statistics released the employment numbers for May: 431,000 new jobs created. Obama seized the headline and quickly articulated, “the economy is getting stronger by the day…private sector hiring is growing, too.” This is behemothic lie number one.

In a purely academic sense, there were 431,000 new jobs added in May, but the chasm between academics and reality presents a prodigious expanse. Of the jobs created, 411,000 were for Census Bureau employees–government jobs, temporary jobs, jobs funded by taxes annexed from private capital that would have provided legitimate jobs within the private sector. In actuality, there were only 41,000 legitimate jobs created, private-sector jobs that create or provide an end product of substance and value to the American people. Quite frankly, the 411,000 jobs created by the Census Bureau could be, in the academic sense, classified as taxpayer funded expansion of the parasite industry.

The White House had previously leaked to the media that 150,000 private sector jobs would be created in May. The economy needs to create 100,000 private sector jobs per month to maintain pace with current population growth. This was a remarkable statement from Obama, considering he has only surpassed 100,000 private sector jobs once in 17 months as president, and the economic indicators outside the Democratic Party confines paint a bleak picture. The addition of only 41,000 private sector jobs can be directly attributed to Obama’s failed policies.

The unemployment rate dropped from 9.9% to 9.7% in May thanks to 322,000 potential gainfully non-government employed workers leaving the labor force. This does not bode well for the economy either.

Barack Obama has played the same game of Three-card Monte to redirect the insignificance of his enumerated jobs since an accounting of his antics has been on record. Almost daily, from different cities, different counties, different states, Census Bureau employees are coming forward with the same stories of being hired, trained, working for a week, laid-off, rehired, then counted as new jobs in the system. The average seems to be four fires and rehires per Census whistle-blower. By calculating with a rudimentary algorithm, the actual number of Census workers hired would be 102,750. Even though this is anecdotal, with a flavor of mathematical burlesque, Obama is lying to the public about the state of the union.

When June 5th came to a close, the Dow Jones Industrial Average dropped 323.31 upon news of the dismal jobs report, indicating the economy is still comatose despite Obama’s instinctual and perfunctory hyperbole. The fact that Hungary is also on the verge becoming the next economic black hole as a result of employing the same economic policies Obama and the Democrats are implementing did not impress investors either. 431,000 workers hired, indeed.

Barack Obama’s fantastical defense of his health care reform bill is behemothic lie number two:

This is a patient’s bill of rights on steroids…We’re making sure this thing is paid for…Other measures will reduce premiums for people buying private insurance in the marketplace by 14% to 20%…Not only can we afford to do this – we can’t afford not to do this…This legislation will give millions the opportunity for the first time in a very long time, the opportunity to get health insurance.

This past week, CBO Director, Dr. Douglas Elmendorf, released his Health Costs and the Federal Budget, annulling the misrepresentations Obama provided the country while claiming that the health care reform bill would reduce costs, insure more people, and save the government money, all without reading a single word of the bill, and being utterly ignorant of its contents. The only people left, gullible enough to continue to believe this nonsense about the health care reform bill seem, for some odd reason, to be affiliated with the Democratic Party, and could quite possibly be suffering from a peculiar strain of Stockholm Syndrome.

According to Elmendorf’s report, per capita spending is unsustainable, which was one of the primary arguments of the opposition to the health care bill during what little debate was allowed. With unsustainable spending, three results will occur, according to the CBO:

  1. Those with health insurance will have less money available for other needs.
  2. It will be harder for the uninsured to buy insurance.
  3. Government spending on Medicare and Medicaid will break federal and state budgets.

The health care plan, if not dismantled by a Republican led Congress after 2010, will, in unison with the expiration of the Bush tax cuts, cause the insolvency of this country. The sleeping giant is awakening; the states, which have, collectively, unlimited power over the federal government, are resisting by challenging the law in federal court, and amending their state constitutions to protect their citizens and the state’s budgets from the economically malignant and unconstitutional federal health care law.

The White House and Barack Obama tried to affect the outcome of a federal election. The White House (Barack Obama) denied offering Joe Sestak (D-Pa.) a job in the White House in exchange for not running against Arlen Specter (D-Pa.) in the Pennsylvania primary. Incidentally, Arlen Specter, just last year, sold his political soul to Obama for the sum of a promise of intervention during an election, and Specter almost got it. Obama said, “I can assure the public that nothing improper took place.” This is behemothic lie number three.

The evolution of Obama’s lie: When directly confronted about Sestak’s statement that the Obama administration offered him a job for dropping out of the campaign against Arlen Specter, the first official response by Obama was emphatic and absolute denial. That evolved into “an official response shortly on the Sestak issue.” That evolved into Obama admitting offering Sestak a position to “avoid a decisive Senate primary” against Specter.

What was committed at the White House is a flagrant violation of federal election law. It is customary for newly elected presidents to reward select supporters with jobs in the administration, sans qualifications, for their efforts behind getting them elected, which is the largest contributor to the political Peter Principle that plagues this country, but is legal. What is not legal, and is a violation of federal law, is to offer someone a job in the administration for future benefits to the president, or to circumvent the integrity of the Democratic election process by denying the voting public the right to vote on all candidates presented. Obama attempted to derail the entire process by circumventing the very laws that are in place to protect our political process.

White House Press Secretary and super sleuth, Robert Gibbs, when pressed on the issue, said that his own investigation revealed nothing “problematic.”

Darrell Issa (R-CA) asked Eric Holder’s Justice Department to appoint a Special Counsel to investigate these allegations. Eric Holder told Issa that the Justice Department will not appoint a Special Counsel to investigate the Obama administration. Obama’s ace in the hole is Eric Holder as Attorney General, which is akin to having Al Capone’s accountant audit his books for irregularities, and report the findings to Elliot Ness.

Again, to whom is this profligate regime, and its ringleader, speaking?

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    so the question is………..where do we go from here?!

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