Barack Obama, Morality, the Constitution, and the Catholic Church

No provision of our Constitution ought to be dearer to man than that which protects the rights of conscience against the enterprise of the civil authority. –Thomas Jefferson

Within the palisades of Christianity, the most basal representation of good and evil is that God is good and Satan is evil. It originated with the beginning of humanity with the tree of knowledge of good and evil. There exists no latitude for moral relativism, as moral relativism is the product of liberalism’s dangerous artifice to justify licentious indulgences and oblige them upon society. Satan is not the source of evil according to Catholicism, but is the enemy of Christ’s Kingdom. According to the Catholic Encyclopedia, Satan is the “head of all the wicked.” Good being morally positive, and evil being morally negative. The Catholic Church believes that contraception is congenitally evil; in the Humanae Vitae, it is taught that unnatural methods of birth control are considered abortion.

A pernicious political axiom, manifest to those not afflicted with apparatchik myopia, is the truism that Barack Obama is a seasoned and venomous radical, anti-Christian, anti-religion, anti-morality, and has demonstrated a pathological mania with infanticide. No American president has launched such a blitzkrieg against morality and the Constitution equal to Barack Obama, while simultaneously creating and nurturing one of the most corrupt and inept administrations in American history. Almost every single cabinet secretary or leader is morally, intellectually, and ethically challenged.

Barack Obama’s latest assailment against morality and the Constitution arrives via his Health and Human Services mandate forcing religious employers and organizations to be complicit in providing contraception and abortifacients, even though their religion believes it to be a sin.

Obama’s mandate is a continuation of his myriad violations of the Constitution and federal law. The HHS mandate is in direct violation of the 1st Amendment’s protection of religion: Congress shall make no law respecting an establishment of religion, or prohibiting the free exercise thereof….The mandate also is in direct violation of the 1993 Religious Freedom Restoration Act, which was enacted for the purpose of preventing laws or mandates that would burden the free exercise of religion.

It would be judicious to clarify the record regarding Obama’s dedication to legalizing infanticide prior to his being elected President in 2008 to properly compare and contrast against the Catholic Church’s doctrine. As a state Senator for Illinois, Barack Obama opposed the Born-Alive Infants Protection Act in 2001, 2002, and 2003; he was the only Senator that spoke against the bill on the Senate floor. The bill would have provided protection for babies that survived attempted abortions. Barack Obama was able to facilitate the continuation—in league with Planned Parenthood and its bevy of financial contributors—of the destruction of infants. Though partial birth abortion was at the center of this bill, that term is a misnomer. The actual term for the procedure that Obama was instrumental in perpetuating is called intrauterine cranial decompression or intactdilation and extraction. The name is descriptive of the procedure. A baby is pulled from the mother’s womb, exposing the legs, torso, and arms, but not the head. Tiny fingers moving and clasping, feet kicking, heart beating. The technicality that separates this procedure from the various forms of homicide that will produce a 20 to life prison sentence is keeping the baby’s head inside the mother’s womb as the doctor jams the tip of a pair of blunt curved metzenbaum scissors into the baby’s skull, pries open the skull, then suctions out the brain. This of course is performed long after the baby has the capability of feeling the extreme pain being inflicted.

Consistent Ethic of Life is a term used by the Catholic Church that summarizes the church’s position that all human life should be protected by law. The Catholic Church speaks with moral authority regarding abortion, birth control, etc., and apparently for these particular policies of the United States government. Barack Obama’s record regarding abortion prior to running for President, according to the Catholic Church and its doctrine, is a willfully committed, serious transgression against the law of God, depriving the soul of divine grace.

Now that Barack Obama’s character has been contrasted as antipodal to the Catholic Church and its doctrine, and considering that the Catholic Church has a history of interposing itself in American politics, and the Church’s multitude of radical and socialistic politicians it has been complicit in electing, does the Catholic Church’s record and actions regarding birth control and abortion reconcile with its doctrine?

Georgetown University is a private Catholic institution that was founded in 1789 by the first head of the Catholic Church in America, John Carroll. It was at this storied university that Barack Obama demanded that God sit at the back of the room, not draw attention to himself, and keep quiet before he would give his speech. Apparently there was not enough room on the stage for two deities, and Georgetown agreed; they complied by camouflaging all religious symbols behind Obama’s stage. Lucifer, if invited to speak at Georgetown, would have been ashamed to ask for more than was granted to Obama.

It would be intellectually disingenuous to deny that the Catholic Church was instrumental in electing Barack Obama President, which beget Obamacare, which beget the unsurprising HHS mandate requiring that the Catholic Church commit various sins. In fact, the Catholic Church’s fatuous exploits into politics, especially the 2008 election, have aggrandized Roe v. Wade. The Bishops are wringing their hands and gnashing their teeth over this mandate; as George Will stated, “it serves them right.” The damage and consequences of this mandate are the result of the Catholic Church’s undiscerning obsession to elect politicians that will perpetuate socialism by taking from the wealthy and redistributing that wealth in the name of God.

Since the 1930s, the Catholic Church has either been constructing these Faustian pacts with the most profoundly immoral and debauched political party this country has suffered, the Democratic Party, or forging Machiavellian maneuvers causing the subversion of the Constitution and the elimination of individual rights in the name of redistribution and manufactured equality. The Catholic Church has been making these compacts with this political party and propagating socialism since the FDR administration. But, there is no doubt that the Catholic Church makes these deals with the best of intentions out of their duty and concern for the downtrodden, the needy, the oppressed, and the destitute, but it is the damage committed against humanity by the political knaves they are in league with, and the predictable consequences enacted by these political philistines, that have profoundly eroded its moral authority.

The Catholic Church was an enthusiastic proponent of the New Deal. The New Deal Coalition consisted of various interest groups and significant voting blocs; the Catholic Church was an integral part of the New Deal Coalition, and it willingly partnered with the corrupt political machines of Chicago, New York, etc, and corrupt labor unions, as all parties were coalesced by FDR. The New Deal Coalition was responsible for the Democratic Party and liberal politicians being the majority political party from the 1930s to the election of Eisenhower in 1952. Since John F. Kennedy, the breakdown for the Catholic vote for presidential contenders is as follows: John F. Kennedy, Democrat, 82%; Lyndon B. Johnson, Democrat, 78%; Hubert Humphrey, Democrat, 55%; Jimmy Carter, Democrat, 56%; Michael Dukakis, Democrat, 52%; Bill Clinton, Democrat, 53%; Al Gore, Democrat, 50%; and Barack Obama, Democrat, 54%.

With the 2006 and 2008 elections, and 55% of Catholics voting Democrat, they handed to the Democrats control of the House of Representatives, the Senate, the majority of state governorships, the majority of state legislatures, the presidency, and Nancy Pelosi as Speaker of the House. Within the realm of morality, they handed control of this country over to a league of frenzied abortionists, and in predictable consecutiveness, two Supreme Court justices, Sonia Sotomayor and Elena Kagan, champions of abortion. A two-year political rampage by Catholic voters ensured that Roe v. Wade will endure for decades.

Rather than spend their efforts practicing idolatry of Obama, if the Catholic Church’s hierarchy had spent their efforts supporting candidate(s) more representative of the church’s doctrines and what they regard as holy, perhaps enough of the rank and file members of the church would have caused a different result in the election(s). Obama received 69,456,897 votes to McCain’s 59,937,814 votes, or 52% to 46%; Obama had 365 electoral votes and McCain had 173 electoral votes. The Catholic voting bloc consists of 47 million voters, and Obama received 55% of the Catholic vote. Presuming all Catholic voters voted, Obama received 24,200,000 Catholic votes. If the Catholic vote of 24,200,000 went to McCain, then the numbers would have been 45,256,884 Obama to 84,137,811 in McCain’s favor. Certainly enough to swing the electoral votes the other direction. Now this does not forgive any other Christian sect for voting against the tenets of Christianity, which would have caused a greater impact. Obviously these calculations are far from scientific, but accurate enough to convey the point.

The 2008 presidential and congressional election was the cardinal political event to dismantle Roe v. Wade, solidify the Defense of Marriage Act, and keep intact Don’t Ask Don’t Tell, rather than continuing to subject our military to the radical left’s social agenda. It was also an opportunity to eradicate the plethora of laws and mandates of decades of liberal politicians and judges assaulting what is considered sacrosanct by the Catholic Church, and anyone subscribing to fundamental morality. One election cycle would not accomplish this feat, but would be the first step in that direction. The Catholic Church botched it. Beelzebub could not have orchestrated a more perfect election to continue the moral decline of America, and the continuation of the federal government’s meddling in abortion.

All the bishops that advocated Obamacare and pressured Congress to vote for it are now warning that they will be forced to shutter the following Church organizations:

  • Catholic hospitals. These account for 12.6 percent of all hospitals in the U.S., and also administer healthcare to a lower socioeconomic group.
  • Catholic charities. These are one of the largest groups of charitable organizations in the U.S., consisting of almost 1800 organizations. Annual revenue is$4.7 billion, with90% of each dollar donated going to charitable services.
  • Catholic schools. The Catholic Church operates over 7500 schools in the U.S., educating over 2.5 million students with a 99% graduation rate, and a 97% college placement rate.

After 60 plus years of an inimical relationship with a league of unprincipled parasites, subordinating its moral doctrine to socialistic ambitions, the Catholic Church has jeopardized its doctrine and principles, and religious freedom, by being foolish enough to put their faith in a political Judas Iscariot. Perhaps the Catholic Church, with its nobly unrelenting and altruistic crusade, can unite its disseminated flock, choose politicians that are not antithetical to morality, and keep the socially beneficial bearings of socialism within the demarcation of the Catholic Church. The Catholic Church is good, but its politics are evil.


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  1. terou says:

    Obama is not a Christian. He does NOT believe Jesus is the way the truth or the life and that there is no other God but Him. Moreover, obama supports killing unborn children and eugenics as is clearly seen in his appointment of John Holdren a man who wrote books about forcing Americans to be sterilized, having abortions and who advocates government population control. Don’t be fooled. It’s not hard to seduce a crowd by saying you were on your knees. Big deal. Being on your knees and even praying doesn’t make you a Christian. The only time he’s on his knees is when he’s looking for a vote. Obama has a story for every crowd he appears to. Romney is no better. Romney think he’s going to be a god and live on a planet when he goes to heaven. Obama thinks he a god now on this planet. In a 2004 interview with Cathleen Falsani, Obama said, “I believe that there are many paths to the same place.” Obama also said, “All people of faith-Christians, Jews, Muslims, animists, everyone knows the same God.”

    But Jesus said in John 14:6, “I am the way, the truth, and the life: no man cometh unto the Father, but by me.” Nowhere in the Bible is there a reference to Obama’s “many paths.” Obama’s father, grandfather and great grandfather were all muslim, this makes him a muslim in muslim religion. He is compromised. He should NOT be chief and commander of our military. And he’s most definately not a friend to Israel.

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