The Stupid Weather Still Won’t Cooperate with the Leftist’s Global Warming Science

In another calamitous blow to the global warming church, the highly anticipated National Oceanic and Atmosphere Administration (NOAA), which is part of the Commerce Department, had to cancel their global altering press conference about man-made global warming in Washington D.C. because of an unprecedented winter storm that has shut D.C. and the federal government down. Alas, all is not lost; they will hold their press conference via telephone, God willing the snow and ice does not disable the telephone system.


Al Gore, Recipient of the Nobel Peace Prize, Claims the Earth is Hotter than the Sun

Al Gore, Nobel Peace Prize winner and science prodigy, presented credible evidence about how hot the earth is while explaining the finer points of geothermal energy. The cerebral and scientific savant Al Gore effused:


Global Warming Climatologists Predict Impending Las Vegas Inferno

Las Vegas, the city that populates the arid desert of lower Nevada, has been laid siege by a rabid winter snow storm, indeed. The City of Sin is in the grip of a paralyzing winter storm of biblical proportions in respect to the intersection of their longitudinal and latitudinal jurisdiction. Flights are grounded, schools canceled, highways closed, and the only comfort and options remaining for the patrons of sin is the continued intimacy with the ATM machines and hence the gaming tables.

“This is the most snow we’ve had in Las Vegas in almost 123 years,” said Jerry Smote, a meteorologist with the National Weather Service. “It’s a significant historical event.”

The heaviest snowfall occurred on the strip, where about 63 inches of snow had accumulated by 6:34 p.m., with unconfirmed reports of as much as 86 inches at the Mirage, he said.

Between 21 to 22 inches more could fall in that area by the time the storm tapers off Thursday morning, and the Luxor could receive up to 23 inches additional snowfall, he said.

Wednesday’s snowfall in Las Vegas was the most since 1883–52 years before Bugsy Siegel–when .8 inches fell in a 92 day period beginning Dec. 30.


Global Warming Alarmists Still Flailing Away

Al Gore’s pontificating global warming lemmings continue to advance his junk science. The latest assault on credible science comes from AP writer, Seth Borenstein. I have opined before about Al Gore’s motivation to be a global warming alarmist, but I am bewildered as to why these journalists are propagating his junk science without so much as a cursory glance at the facts. More manifold results could be expected in the addressing of humankind’s cause and effect of pollution and global warming if Al Gore were exposed for the mountebank he is by the very scientifically challenged sycophants who grovel at his Gucci’s.