No, Colin Powell, You’re not a Republican

On October 20, 2008, Colin Powell, just prior to the November election, made the following statement on Meet the Press : “I think he is a transformation figure, he is a new generation coming onto the world stage, onto the American stage, and for that reason I’ll be voting for Sen. Barack Obama.”


Senate Calls Temporary Halt to Stimulus Negotiations

In a stunning twist of fate for the Obama administration’s stimulus package, the Senate has called off all discussions until further notice. Rep. Jim DeMint, (R-SC), called for the halt amid newly discovered information that could possibly fund the entire spending package sans taxpayer money. A cursory run-through of the breathtaking information was enough to pique the curiosity of the Democratic leadership of the Senate, without having to disclose the full ramifications of the burden it would impose on the left-leaning legislators.


The Irony of Obama’s Obsession with being Compared to Lincoln

“You and we are different races. We have between us a broader difference than exists between almost any other two races. Even when you cease to be slaves, you are yet far removed from being placed on an equality with the white race. You are cut off from many of the advantages which the other race enjoys. It is better for us both to be separated.“-Abraham Lincoln, during a meeting with free Negro leaders, at the White House, August, 1862


What Does California Have in Common with Texas?

What does California have in common with Texas? Nothing.

California is a Blue State; Texas is a Red State. California is broke; Texas has an eleven billion dollar surplus. California is ultra-liberal; Texas is conservative. California abuses its citizens with asphyxiating personal income taxes. Texas’ Constitution prohibits the levying of income tax on its citizens. California spends more money than it has. Texas spends less money than it has. One of these two states is governed by moral order, and supported by a moral majority of voters founded on conservative principles, the other is an example of a state governed by abject immorality, supported by like minded voters, funded by the state coffers, and fueled by chaos. Texas has brought and maintained order to chaos, but California has allowed it’s order to decay back into chaos. Order versus chaos generally produces a very predictable winner.


The Nth Reason the Media is Irrelevant

Going green. Saving energy. Businesses, corporations, individuals, all going green. No industry has exemplified the saving of energy quite like the media. The New York Times columnist, Gail Collins, Good Morning America’s host, Kate Snow, and the Detroit Free Press’ Rochelle Riley are classic examples of how a publication can still produce content, sans relevance, with close to zero energy expended in their journalistic endeavors. These three human journalistic power plants have demonstrated that they can operate on almost zero cranial energy to produce their compositions. These three media outlets have also discovered that if you employ journalists with very small cerebral engines, minuscule power is used to power them, and they are still able to produce product of equal merit. This is in stark contrast to the amount of energy used to operate cerebral engines such as a Christopher Hitchens, George Will, or God knows how much power it took to operate William F. Buckley’s engine. Great minds, but too much energy used. Go green!


A Vote for Obama is a Vote for….

Casting a vote for Obama is not as simple as just voting him into office. You are voting into office all the radical, Un-American supporters behind him, with him, and around him, who only fifty years or so ago would be in prison for their actions. You are voting for a broken Democrat Congress. To vote for Obama simply because you don’t like McCain, is not a vote for one candidate or the other. A vote for Obama because the thought of Palin being a heartbeat away from the Presidency will only get you the ensuing list.


A Week In The Life Of Hillary Clinton, Barack Obama and John Edwards

The Democrats are building an alter. If you are legal, prosperous, moral, principled, employed and have exemplary health insurance, your life will never be the same if one of the Democrat presidential front runners is elected. If one of the Democrat front runners is elected and you smell something burning, guess who’s being roasted?

The Democrat party, it’s sycophants and the far left blogosphere who control the strings and the cash, have become a dirty and unsanitary aggregation. Even their money ceaselessly proves to be dirty.

If you are a black male, living in the USA, you are going to die or go to prison–John Edwards is your only liberator from this quagmire of death and incarceration.


A View of The View

The human body’s healing abilities are amazing. Cut it and it will heal. If you break a bone, it will heal. It can pretty much recover from most traumas. This is what the women on the View, much to their chagrin, found out with that pesky regrowth of gray matter.

After a two week hiatus the View has returned. While the hosts were out, it is rather obvious they had surgery. At some point their brains may have been trying to regrow gray matter and they had it surgically removed. They must be required to undergo a CT scan twice a year by the network. The CT scan must have revealed some regrowth of gray matter. Now this surgery has a financial link. If they came back on the show and showed a semblance of intelligence then they would be at risk of losing their core audience. This would have catastrophic monetary consequences for them personally and for the network.

Whoopi Goldberg was the guest host. In order get her intelligence on par with the regulars, she had to sit in the green room and watch two hours of highlights of The View featuring Rosie O’Donnell. This is guaranteed to temporarily drop an IQ to around 72. On their return they decided to flex their collective intellectual might by discussing the Scooter Libby sentence commutation. They are a week late and few billion brain cells short of adding anything of any substance to the subject. It is yesterday’s news.

Here are a few highlights of their chatter on the subject:

  • JOY BEHAR: Paris got more time than “Scooter” Libby. He got no time
  • WHOOPI GOLDBERG: Don’t get me started about “Scooter.”
  • GOLDBERG: But they’re supposed to, they’re supposed to wait.
  • HASSELBECK: What about Clinton’s pardons? You don’t-
  • BEHAR: It’s ancient history. We’re talking about now.

If you read the whole transcript, they debated the facts of the case and the constitutionality of the commutation. They did not get one fact correct concerning the issue. They apparently never read Article 2 Section 2 of the Constitution but wanted to share their interpretation of it. Even the token conservative and former reality show star, Elizabeth Hasslelbeck, was unable to defend Bush’s decision on Scooter Libby’s sentence commutation because she does not understand the facts and is incapable of getting them straight.

Time After Time

I have written previously of the irrelevance of Time magazine. Just when you think there is no more room for another nail in their coffin of irrelevance they make room for another.

Time’s reporter Joe Klein reports that George Bush is a radical conservative. Says Klein, “George W. Bush is no moderate. He has governed as a radical, and we’ll be paying the price for his thoughtless extremism for years to come.”

George Bush is a moderate liberal on his best day. To envisage Bush as a radical conservative is so inconceivable, you would be so far to the left you could only see the middle with your imagination.

Does anyone with any semblance of intelligence buy into the far lefts incessant demagoguery? The apropos answer would be: Never underestimate the power of stupid people in large groups.

Everyone Likes a Bargain

If you enjoy acquiring items on the cheap, fortune has smiled on you. You can get all the ignorant, uncouth and illiterate babble on a wholesale level just by watching The View.

To hear these nitwitted windbags talk about 9/11 and the Iraqi war or any serious subject matter is akin to listening to preschoolers debate quantum physics. I apologize in advance to any preschoolers I may have offended by the comparison.

And if you want the buy one get one free deal, just read Rosie O’Donnell’s blog. Guaranteed to leave you marginally stupid, depending on how smart you were to start with, for at least 45 minutes. And if you read the comments of her supporters, you can add another 45 minutes to it. Rosie O’Donnell truly is the apostle of the ignorant.

And if you genuinely want to super size it, just read the immigration bill that is presently in the Senate that President Bush is trying to force feed the American public. It may not leave you stupid but will at the very least leave you in a state of bewilderment. It will make you wonder if rather than a dirty bomb, a stupid bomb was detonated inside the Beltway.

Bill Clinton has been called the first black President of United States. George Bush is certainly determined to become the first Mexican President of the United States.

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