Seal Team Six: The Movie about Obama and the 2012 Election








The National Geographic Channel has teamed up with Harvey Weinstein, conservative-loathing filmmaker, to create a movie titled SEAL Team Six: The Raid on Osama bin Laden. The purpose of the movie is to focus and highlight Obama’s role in the killing of Osama bin Laden. The movie is to air on the eve of the election, but Howard Owens National Geographic;’s CEO stated that they “weren’t considering the election, and there is no political inference or connection regarding the timing of its air-date.”


Barack Obama Explains the Math Behind the 2.5 Million Jobs Created by His Stimulus Program

Two actors have re-created the private conversation between Barack Obama and Paul Ryan as Obama explains how his stimulus and policies have created 2.5 million jobs, reduced the deficit, and prevented another Great Depression.


Analysis of Barack Obama’s Debt Ceiling Speech and Various Other Related Lies

For the presumed leader of the most powerful country on the planet, Barack Obama has the unusual infantile habit of hastily assembling press conferences to cry on the shoulder of the American people, as would a petulant and spoiled child who runs to his mother when he can’t have his way in the outside world, or who runs to mommy for a sympathetic ear, pointing a finger at someone else when he has broken something. Obama has again run crying, now to the world, because he can’t have his way. Also, to add to his frustration, the whole “equal branches of government” thing is just not working out for him. In a recent speech to the domestic terrorist group La Raza, Obama stated, in his best dictatorial tone, “Believe me, the idea of doing things on my own is very tempting.”


The Department of Justice Cleared of Racial Discrimination by the Department of Justice

I knew it the moment I saw the video on November 4, 2008. Election day. It was reminiscent of the Jim Crow laws: blacks trying to peacefully exercise their ability to vote, and whites suddenly breaching the exclusive polling places of black voters.


Barack Obama Explained

Ladies and Gentlemen, I present to You Your Government

Warning: Never, under any circumstance, confuse what the federal government has morphed into as representative of the heart and soul of the United States of America as long as this country is a free republic. It is one thing to rebuke the federal government, and another to rebuke this country.


Character, Leadership, and Barack Obama

You can easily judge the character of a man by how he treats those who can do nothing for him. –James D. Miles

We all believe we have it. We profess our virtues because of it. We talk about it. We want others to believe we have it. We are comfortable displaying it if the threat of employing it is marginal. It is not for the morally languid, as the greater its strength, the greater the assumed responsibility.


What Was Learned From the Obama Health Care Summit

On February 25th, Obama’s health care summit/theater/reality show was held at Blair House. One week of dissecting, analyzing, interpreting, and consideration has been invested into annotating Obama’s fusion of powers exposition. For the myopically infirmed Left, Obama was spectacular as usual, displaying his super-intellect; for the moderately myopic– independents whose allegiance changes with the wind– Obama’s debacle of a circus caused more than a statistical trifling to shift back to the right under the cloak of self-loathing; and for the confederacy of patriots, constitutionalists, those with discernment for manufactured competence, and those blessed with an abundance of commonsense, the show was nothing more than an exponentially expanding substantiation of incompetence and fundamental constitutional illiteracy.


What This Past Year Has Taught Us About Barack Obama, Sarah Palin, Joe Biden, and John McCain

This past year, Barack Obama, Sarah Palin, Joe Biden, and John McCain have, through their actions, demonstrated who they are, in contrast to what their campaigns and detractors said they were. The mysteries, conjectures, hypotheses, and suppositions have been manifested by the harshness of reality.


Nobel Peace Prize (is) for Dummies

Barack Obama Wins Nobel Peace Prize. That was the headline. A joke. My first thought when I was reading  headline was that it must be from the Onion. The headline was true, and it was also a joke, with Obama being the punch line.


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