Texas Knitters Stitching Political Pink Uteruses Protesting Something or Other

While they are knitting uteruses and female nether regions, I am knitting dollars: but more on this subject later.

In June of 2011, the Texas Senate (21-9) and House (96-48)  passed Senate Bill 7, prohibiting the State of Texas from contracting with healthcare providers that “perform or promote elective abortions or affiliate with entities that perform or promote elective abortions.” After Texas blocked funding to Planned Parenthood and other various professional abortionists in the State of Texas that perform abortions on the taxpayers’ dime, Barack Obama subsequently blocks $35 million in federal Medicaid funding for low-income women in Texas.

Possessing a rabid phobia of the truth, and in the stead of condemning Obama for ending the funding to Texas, and saluting Governor Perry for vowing to keep the program funded within Texas, the archetypal Left found a quixotic windmill in Governor Perry. Compliments of one of the more radical yellow press hustlers in the United States, the Huffington Post headline bellowed, “Texas Loses Entire Women’s Health Program Over Planned Parenthood Law.” With the Huffington Post’s beguiling aspersions aside, Texas has not lost the program, and the program is currently funded at least until October of 2012 with federal money that actually came from Texas taxpayers. Perry has vowed he will find a way to fund it. And always much more entertaining than the habitual apparatchik dogma from the Huffington Post are the erudite comments to this article by the apostles of unsophistication who crowd around the Huffington Post in the evening after dinner.

Sophomoric political scare mongering aside, the cuts in Medicaid by Obama did not kill the program, poor women won’t pay, and access to healthcare sans the option of aborting a baby will still be available. The program is operating, and will do so without interruption. This is a Texas program, and Texas is committed to it. Governor Rick Perry stated the following regarding the Medicare cuts by Obama:

We’ll find the money. The state is committed to this program. Those people that are out there trying to say, “Oh they’re going to kill this program” are just dead wrong. Texas will carry the costs from the time the Obama Administration cuts funding for the program until this impending decision is reversed, either by negotiated resolution or litigation.

In a compelling letter to the Texas Health and Human Services Commissioner, Tom Suehs, Perry stated, “I am directing you to begin working with legislative leadership to identify state funding to continue to provide these services, in full compliance with Texas law, should the Obama Administration make good on its threat to end the health care to these 100,000-plus women.”

Perry also fired-off a letter to Barack Obama regarding the constitutional issue of blocking the Medicare funding, but as with all complainants regarding Barack Obama and his affinity for operating outside the Constitution, Perry had to take a number and get in back of a very long line:

Your administration’s attempt to violate states’ rights under the 10th Amendment to the U.S. Constitution by mandating which health providers the State of Texas must use is nothing more than an effort to continue to financially support abortion providers like Planned Parenthood and their affiliates. I will not allow these services to be denied by your administration’s political agenda and opposition to enacted Texas law that prohibits abortion providers and their affiliates from receiving taxpayer dollars.

Family Research Council Action President Tony Perkins also summed up nicely Obama and his constant politicizing anything and everything that may produce a Democratic vote: “This administration needs to stop using women and the unborn as pawns in funding President Obama’s radical allies. Some on the left have said there is a ‘war on women’ – they are correct, and its lead general is President Barack Obama.”

This is not about healthcare, as Texas Attorney General Greg Abbot stated:

Planned Parenthood is a poor investment of public funds. Planned Parenthood offers only a narrow range of services and is unwilling or incapable of offering comprehensive primary and preventative care. Planned Parenthood cannot treat breast cancer. They do not even have one mammogram machine anywhere in Texas. The only time a woman will see a doctor at Planned Parenthood is if she is there for an abortion. Women deserve better.

Now on to these uterus knitters. There seems to be an allegedly nationwide fury of women who depend on other people’s money, furiously knitting what appear to be yarnish looking uteruses, and mailing them to politicians who are fondling their uteruses by way of tampering with welfare funding:

Inside Kimberlyn Crowe’s Oak Cliff home, knitting has always been quiet therapy. Suddenly, it’s become a way to make some noise.

“Words don’t do any good because it’s all been said,” she declared. So she let the yarn became her words and her hobby become her voice.

“The statement is: ‘Get your hands off my uterus!'” Crowe said with a laugh.

She began knitting uteruses last week. On Sunday, she joined a group of North Texas knitters inside a Garland home.

They knitted, crocheted, and sewed dozens of uteruses. They will send them to Texas Gov. Rick Perry and other select lawmakers in Austin and Washington who, they believe, have cast votes cutting funding to women’s health care and limiting access to birth control.

Crowe is keen to send lawmakers a message. “Here’s your own uterus; now keep your hands off mine,” she said.

The uterus-knitting project is happening nationwide.

The hand-made uteruses will be hand-delivered to Gov. Perry’s office during a march in Austin in late April.

“You know, one could hope the heavens will open, light will shine down, and they’ll get it,” said Crowe with a smile. “I hope what they’ll hear is there’s a lot more of us than they might have thought of to start with.”

Crowe apparently suffers from the liberalism affliction of factual myopia and seems to be immune to the statement that Governor Perry said he will find money to replace the lost federal dollars, keeping the program intact without funding abortions.

So instead of knitting yarnish pink uteruses and dispatching them to 1600 Pennsylvania Avenue through various parcel services to the actual culprit who has his hands on their uteruses and brains, these mendicant knitters are sending them to the one person who is vowing to actually put Texas tax dollars on their uteruses.

In a bizarre act of solidarity of sorts, I will join Crowe in sending my own knitted message, not to Rick Perry and various lawmakers, but to these busy uterus knitters. As Crowe stated, “Here’s your own uterus; now keep your hands off mine,” I will knit green dollar bills, and send them to these uterus knitters with the attached statement: “Here’s your own money; now keep your uterus off mine.”

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