Vermont To Arrest George Bush And Dick Cheney

Brattleboro, Vermont has a vote scheduled to decide whether or not to indict and issue arrest warrants for George Bush and Dick Cheney. Their crimes: Perjury, war crimes, espionage for spying on U.S. citizens and obstruction of justice for the firing of U.S. attorneys. The warrant would be limited to only the state of Vermont if Bush or Cheney ever entered the state of Vermont.

The Brattleboro town garnered enough signatures to to have the vote on the ballot. The item, by a margin of 3-2, has been slated to be voted on during the next Town Meeting day.

Kurt Daims, who has taken the lead on the petition, stated that, “This petition is as radical as the Declaration of Independence, and it draws on that tradition in claiming a universal jurisdiction when governments fail to do what they’re supposed to do. We have the full power to issue indictments, conduct trials, incarcerate offenders and do all other acts which independent jurisdictions have the right to do.”

A few snippets from the proclamation: The criminal indictments would be the “law of the town of Brattleboro and the Brattleboro police…arrest and detain George Bush and Richard Cheney in Brattleboro, if they are not duly impeached…have them put in public stocks and ridiculed for 72 hours…have them tar and feathered…administer 40 lashes….

The town of Brattleboro has a legendary history when it comes to treason.

This isn’t the first time the town has issued arrest warrants for a president. In 1790, Mayor Newsom issued an arrest warrant for George Washington for war crimes against the King under the threat of being hanged by the citizens of Brattleboro if he did not take action. According to Vermont historian, Bryan Smithers, the town had tried to issue a warrant shortly after the war, but were forced to wait for a country and subsequently a president to come into existence. “They jumped the gun, if you will,” proclaimed Smithers. Brattleboro has subsequently issued 42 indictments and warrants for presidents since Washington.

Before joining the Continental Army in the war against the British, Benedict Arnold settled in Brattleboro and successfully ran for mayor–a position he held during his tenure as General of the Continental Army. During the war and the whole West Point misunderstanding, when Arnold had to move unceremoniously and with haste to Britain, the town of Brattleboro elected him to another term of Mayor in absentia.

A statue was erected in 1965 in reverence to Arnold’s memory in the town square.

Aldridge Aimes enjoyed his summers in Brattleboro where he maintained a summer cottage. He is remembered kindly to this day by residents of the town. “He had several late night visitors at his house, but was a quiet neighbor none the less,” stated Vera Klick. “He was a good neighbor, always willing to help out. And he had the cutest carrier pigeons.”

Johnson Glass, proprietor of the Brattleboro Dry Goods Depot, said he had many long talks with Aimes as he played games of 42 in his store. “Aimes said he always felt drawn to Brattleboro for some reason, but couldn’t explain it,” said Glass.

In an awkward alliance, Brattleboro has a sister city in Texas that also has intentions of arresting George Bush, or anyone else on a bicycle..

11 Responses to “Vermont To Arrest George Bush And Dick Cheney”

  1. TrueRedWhiteandBlue says:

    LOVE…IT !!!

  2. Diana Worrell says:

    i agree wholeheartedly…everyone regardless of their ‘status’ in this country should be held accountable for their actions…no one should be above the law…
    signed: pissed in VA

  3. Dan Todd says:


    I love stupid people.

  4. Chloe says:

    I love stupid people, too. Brattleboro amused me anyway, but this fine piece of reporting is a bit of hilarity. Thanks jimbyrd!

  5. HorseMarine says:

    Home of Howard Dean. Need I say more? Get over it people. I’ll hold my nose and vote McCain.

  6. Phyllis Giacalone says:

    LOL…me, too, Dan. Don’t they make life interesting and entertaining..

  7. Sherwin Start says:

    First of All the Town of Brattleboro can do what it wants within thier Jurisdiction but in Accordance with Federal and State Laws.
    For trhe Town to say that Mr Bush and/or Mr Cheney will be arrested if they step foot in Vermont is an ABSOLUTELY ABSURD STATEMENT!
    In fact the Town of Brattleborc will find its self looking out thru thr Bars of a Federal Prison if they even as so much as even try to serve an Arrest warrant on either of them UNLESS they go out of thier way and Violate some Local Ordidance.
    In conclusion Being a Vermonter,Myself I think that the Town of Brattleboro is bringing down on itself a World of Hurt as well Shame and is trying to committ Political Souiscide..
    The people that elected these officials into Office need some Psychological Help VERY BADLY!!
    Sherwin Start

  8. eVince says:

    The fun is never over til the videocam has “spoken”.

    The real fun would start when the genetic mutant, Kurt Daims and his keystone cops attempt to actually arrest the Pres and Vice-Pres.

    I can hear the squeals of ruination as they are slung to the earth, cuffed and dragged away to the Federal Pen.

    It is really, really hard to imagine folks in this country so friggin’ stupid as to actually attempt this nonsense.

  9. Zapataoffshore says:

    It is the right of a local jurisdiction, within the power of the elected city council and Mayoral figure (Council President, County Commission Chair, CEO, etc.) to arrest and detain any person violating any law on the books. In fact, the council or executive figure is bound by law in just about every state to detain for evaluation of peers (jury) anyone in a situation where evidence is presented showing commision of a violation of said law. If the city, county, parrish, state, what-have-you has a police department, similar to the elected sheriffs duty to uphold law for those who elected said sheriff, that department exists to assist in said detention. People just don’t seem to understand, that the police are not the prosecutors, they are but mediators. They serve, through control of the elected official, the persons of the jurisdiction where they are operating. It is the duty of the elected officials to ensure said police department operates not against the citizens. HOWEVER, when an elected official, having jurisdiction over a territory, either state county, city or federal, violates the written law, it is the duty of the mediating police or sheriff to enforce the law against the elected official. It is a paradox, given that an executive holding ranking level over a police chief can fire said police chief, to visualize the chief arresting and delivering to the judge hired by the same elected official. But this is how it works. THERE WOULD BE NO FEDERAL PRISON FOR ANY OFFICIAL of a local government acting to further the wishes of the citizens of its jurisdiction, even against the President. Of course, the Marines might be used to stop said jurisdiction. Sure, that is a misuse of the armed forces, but they serve at the will of the president until congress requires a declaratory action. So, think about it. Do you really want a country where the President wouldn’t be subject to the checks and balances of the local governments? It is THIS part of checks and balances that keeps this country strong, and free. ONE police officer, prosecuting a crime committed with his/her knowledge. Thats the beauty of our system, and we must never subvert it. (Recently, in Georgia, idiots tried to get rid of the elected Sheriffs positions. Now why, would You suppose, might this have been a very very bad thing to do?) We need all the buffers from corruption and insanity we can get.

    Posted from Offshore Rig #1950 – Zapata****

  10. jimbyrd says:

    Well thought out reply, Zapataoffshore. I appreciate the intellect behind it. The municipality of Brattleboro absoluty has the right to indict within its jurisdiction local or state crimes committed within its jurisdiction.

    However, the charges of: Perjury, war crimes, espionage for spying on U.S. citizens and obstruction of justice for the firing of U.S. attorneys would be federal charges and completely out of the jurisdiction of Brattleboro. The crimes alluded to are federal. Not only are the crimes under federal jurisdiction, the charges are not definitive, they are politically subjective.

  11. grizcty says:

    As someone who is a retired LEO, AND has worked on a Presidential security team.
    This IS what I would actually LOVE to see.

    President Bush, or Dick Cheney showing up unannounced to the next town “public”meeting.
    To see the looks on the faces of the counsel members faces would be PRICELESS!

    I think this town needs to spend some money on a bullet proof vests, and a Lawyer who actually had a law degree. Instead of one from a Cracker Jack box. And then actually read the U.S.C., and U.S Constitution.
    Read Amendments 4,5,6,14

    I may not agree, with everything that President Bush has done while in office. But I do respect him and his office.

    Nor do I agree with this loony town.
    And have no respect for this action.

    But, I don’t see this actually happening!

    Some idiots will do anything, for national attention!

    Take care, be safe.
    God Bless.
    Chris – Alaska

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